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Beef Jerky
beef jerky
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Ray's Own Brand Jerky is an excellent traveler. It's extremely portable and stays fresh on long trips. When the kids ask, "Are we there yet," just hand them a jerky strip. That'll keep 'em happy for awhile. And you'll feel good about it, too, because this isn't junk food. Ray hand-cuts the best-quality top round and seasons it so it tastes and "chews" like a medium-rare steak. Just make sure you pack enough of Ray's Own Brand Jerky. Because, unlike some journeys, this stuff goes fast.
Yep, Ray makes our sausage, too. And he's really fussy about it. The best pork. The zippiest spices. Freshness all around. The kind of sausage you really would like to see being made. Ray's Own Brand pork with apple and honey sausage is a favorite for people who think they don't like sausage. That's right. We've converted our share of vegetarians with that one.
Ray uses the K.I.S.S. method when he barbecues for big crowds. Keep It Simple, Stupid. No, we didn't mean you. We mean he uses simply the best ingredients, including Ray's Own Brand sausage. Steaks are certified Angus rib-eyes, hand-trimmed by, you guessed it, Ray himself. And they are never over-seasoned. Just a little salt, pepper and garlic. Haven't been to a party catered by Ray's Own Brand? Maybe you need a new set of friends. Or throw a party yourself.
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